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Headache solutions in Ayurveda

Sirasthapam / Sirasoola  - Headache

Headache is the most common disorder among the society
It is called as Sirasoola or Sirasthapa in Ayurveda

Headache !.
Types of Headache According to ayurveda

  1. Vathika Sirasthapam
  2. Ardhavabhedakam
  3. KaphajaSirasthapam
  4. Paithika Sirasthapam
  5. Rakthaja Sirasthapam
  6. Sannipathika Sirasthapam
  7. Krimija Sirasthapam
  8. Sankhakam
  9. Sooryavartham

(Ashanaga hrudaya by Vaghbhata more than 3000 years back) 

The treatments vary according to the type of headache to which it belongs to.
The Basics of the Treatment is to detoxify the impurities and open the channels and manage with the medicine diet etc.


Nasyam, Siro abhyangam, Sirodhaar, Sirovasthi, snehapanam, swedanam etc
Internal medicines are also play a major role  in curative aspects of some cases.

Sinusitis, Migraine, Spondilitis, Tension Headache, Trigeminal neuralgia, Psychosis, Allergic and Auto immune disorders come under these categories and treatments are available in most of the ayureda hospitals in India

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  1. Head ache is a head ache to medical people. But it can be better managed with ayurveda.