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Anemia & Malnutrition – Ayurvedic Perspective

Anemia may be due to many causes and is of different kinds
The anemia as well as malnutrition is not merely due to the lack of nutrition or Haem in the diet but the limproper digestion, absorption etc may be the cause.

                Ayurveda Diet

The diet is very important according to ayurveda. The diet which increases pitha is the reason

                Ayurveda etiology

Due to the intake of food of pitha predominance the organs get disturbed and the absorption gets affected and causes anemia.

                In Attapadi

The climate food habits usage of pan alcohol etc may cause the anemia

                Present Management

The management include iron syrups etc

                Benefits of Ayurvedaic Management

The appetite or the digestive power can be improved as a part the absorption gets improved and the n rasayanas can be utilized for better general health and immunity.

                Some of the combinations

Drakshadi Kashayam
Vasaguloochyadi kashayam
Vyoshadi kashayam
Chyavanaprasam Rasayanam