Wednesday, 21 August 2013

De-addiction program - Ayurveda

Alcohol dependence syndrome’ is the term used for the condition of alcoholic abuse or addiction.
It affects the people Physically, Psychiatrically and Socially. 

Genrally The treatment for de addiction include

  1. Detoxification treatment
  2. Medication
  3. Psychological Support

The detoxification treatment include

1.      Relaxation treatments to control the withdrawal syndrome like insomnia etc
2.      Pancahkarma treatments called vamanam (induced vomiting), ‘Virechanam’ (Purgation), Vasthi (Enema), 
Nasyam ( Nasal Drops) etc

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Medication Include

  1. Medicines which will help to reduce the problems while withdraw alcohol
  2. Medicines for Better Mental health and to improve the tolerance capacity, Decision making capacity etc

Psychological Support include

  1. Personal counseling
  2. Family counseling
  3. Social counseling 

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